My Story

I am an american living in Thailand. I came here because I know God, and I talk with Him all the time, and He told me to come here. I obeyed and came. Now, because God called me here, he gave me a special Love (Agape Love) for Thailand. Agape Love is an unconditional Love from only God. God made the heavens and the earth, and He did it all for His Glory. God called me here because I am not perfect, but He saved me from my self, my sinful self. This is called Grace, so I am an example of Grace. And God wants to give Grace to some of you, so He likes to use people like me to teach others about Grace. So, I am a teacher. 

But I don't only teach Grace, I teach English. I love to teach english because it allows me to learn Thai culture and travel to many different places everyday. I like to travel because I like to pray. Praying is when we talk with God. When I am driving down the road on my KSR from my house in Phrom Khiri to come to the city, I will spend that time talking with God, the Maker of everything natural (like Aikeo waterfall, and the Jungles of Khoa looung), also His is the King of the Universe (And Thai people should understand what a King is right?), and He is my best friend.  I love to pray. 

One time, a long time ago, in my home in America, I was praying in the forest behind my house. I prayed there everyday, and then one day the Holy Spirit of God came to me, and changed me. Before I was evil, and did everything for myself (I even loved my friends and family only for myself), and God changed me. Now I am a new person. There is a song, it goes like this "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch (sinner) like me, I one was lost, but now I am found, was blind, but now I see!" This song is very true for me. In fact there are many people from every country, every culture, who God has changed. We call this change "Born again" because our heart has a new birth. The people who God changes are called Christians because of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was the body of God, and He is the Messiah. In Thailand, many people wait for "Pra ariya med trai" to save them from their sin. Maybe Messiah is "Medtrai", and "Pra ariya med trai has already came (Jesus). If so, then God has sent a message to all Buddhist people about the messiah a long time ago, but before you did not know He was Jesus. Jesus was perfect, and he taught people many things like how to be selfless, and told them to "sell their possessions and give to the poor". He then was killed on a wood cross like a big t. He died, went down to hell, paid for the sins of the Church with great suffering (Christians from every culture nation and language) and then when he was finished, He rose from the dead because He had conquered death. This is historical fact, Jesus died, and came back. With my life, you can know I am not the same as everyone else, I am born again. 

So who will go to hell? Buddha said all who break the seen 5 will go to hell, if you break all 5 it will be very bad for you, and you will go to level 7 of hell. Jesus taught about Hell as well. So I am here to find the people Loved by God, the Sheep of the Shepherd. I desire to make friends with anyone and everyone who want to be friends. My Thai is ok, because I love Thailand. 

Did you know that 15% of Korea is Christian? Did you know 5% of China is Christian (and it is illegal to be christian in China, so they have to hide). Malaysia is 10% Christian. I think it is like this because God is doing something special in Asia, and Thailand is next! Are you ready? I can not wait to see Thai people dressed in their traditional dress, dancing to Jesus with our hands bend backwards. I want us to practice Biblical Community, which is one way we can Honor the His majesty The King of Thailand's "Sufficiency Economy". I hope you will be born again so you will become true Thai people. Thai means free, and my prayer for you is that you be free from sin. 

I live in Phrom Khiri at the first Aikeo waterfall, you can see my window it has a big logo and says "Speak English", come and say hi, you are welcome!

Come Join us for Bible study free, or contact me to study English, or my brother to study Art.